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PowerPoint and Word document previews in SharePoint 2010 / FAST Search for SharePoint not rendering – OWA (Office Web Apps)


I’ve read a lot of articles and posts about people having problems with document previews and thumbnails not rendering. This is often attributed to the order in which things were installed and re-install of OWA recommended.

I recently had a scenario where I built a new farm and installed/configured OWA (Office Web Apps) on SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search for SharePoint. Even after following all the documentation to the letter, my thumbnails and previews were not working and I was getting ready to re-install OWA. Then I had a thought to start the Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Service on the WFEs (they were running on an app server) in the farm. In my case this fixed the issue immediately.

There can be many causes for OWA to fail – add this one to your troubleshooting checklist!

  1. sema permalink

    this was a logical solution but didnt help.. I resetted IIS too. any suggestion would be appreciated

    • What have you done so far to troubleshoot? I assume you’ve checked that your core results web part is set to display thumbnails and previews?

  2. sema permalink

    I ran the configuration wizard successfully
    I checked the core results web part settings,
    I ran a full crawl
    started Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Service on the WFEs.


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