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SharePoint Saturday DC Wrap Up


This weekend I had the pleasure of delivering two sessions at the SharePoint Saturday DC.  The event was put together on a really tight timeline and was a great success due to the herculean efforts of Dan Usher (@usher), Isaac Sith (@mrisaac), Danny Jessee (@dannyjessee) Adam Levithan (@collabadam), Scott Hoag (@ciphertxt), Susan Lennon (@susanlennon), Tasha Scott (@tashasev) and a whole bunch of other folks all pitching together for the community!

The location itself was great – Microsoft provided their state of the art offices right in downtown Chevy Chase, MD.

Because of my schedule I was only able to attend two of the sessions but they were both great!

First, I saw Danny Jessee’s SharePoint 2010, Claims-Based Identity, Facebook, and the Cloud

This was a great session.  Jessee is an excellent speaker – extremely clear, prepared and knows the material inside and out so he could easily answer any questions that came up.  He started by giving one of the better explanations of claims-based authentication that I’ve seen and then went on to walk through and demo so really impressive integration between SharePoint 2010 and Facebook.  During the session he both posted live pictures, status updates and video live from within SharePoint.  Very cool stuff!

I also attended Rob Windor’s SharePoint 2010 Client-Side Development with the JSOM and jQuery .  As a speaker I love watching seasoned speakers like Rob so I can learn
and take notes.  He has great confidence, a polished but loose approach and serious command of the material.  This was sort of a 101 overview of how to incorporate client-side scripts into SharePoint 2010.  He gave great practical advise about how to choose an approach (since we have a few choices now) and a number of real-world examples.  It was standing room only and with good reason.  Killer session from a real expert!

Both of the sessions I delivered were related to Search.  First I talked about FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint troubleshooting in “Why is FAST so SLOW?!“.  This session is an overview of troubleshooting tools and techniques for FS4SP.  We had a great group of attendees who asked a lot of excellent questions.  I was a little worried this was going to be too dry, specific or technical.  But it drew a nice crowd and everyone was engaged the whole time.  Lots of fun!

My second session was the last of the day.  It was called “Simple Solutions for Creating Powerful Search Experiences” and provides a handful of lightweight solutions for the OTB SharePoint (or FS4SP) search centers.  The solutions focus on client-side scripts, CSS, XSLT and much of the discussion is designed to make non-developers less timid about attempting to make these kinds of customizations.

Metalogix hosted a fantastic SharePint where I had deep convos with UI/UX dev guru Tom Daly, AI wizard Naomi Moneypenny and seasoned IT pro Lynn Becker (@lwb2).

Overall, a really great day.  Thanks to the event sponsors and for the organizers for having me.  Look forward to coming back to DC again.  Keep an eye out as there are rumors of a Government focused event in the December timeframe!

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