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eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013


Microsoft has made some huge investments in SharePoint’s eDiscovery capabilities in the latest release.  Follow the link below to ready my blog on MSDN about this updated feature set!

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  1. Excellent review of eDiscovery. Particularly good to see your comments on some of the shortfalls.

    I’m really looking for a way to search across versions of content in SP2013. (This will be more for a specific user that needs to, on occasion, find specific content, and all versions of that content). I see taht you discuss this in your post, but was curious if you know of any options that might have appeared on the SP-scape recently that would make this possible?


    • Hi Mark!

      Thanks for the feedback and glad to meet you! Just peeked at your blog. Intriguing background – looking forward to digging into your posts 🙂

      As far as the version searching – the only product I’m aware of is
      The one on the site says it’s for 2010 (not 2013) and I’m not clear on how fully developed this thing is. My understanding is that the company is a one man show. And when I emailed him about it for a project I never got a response. Never met anyone that’s used it either and I polled a number of folks.

      If you have a use case, and some budget, BA Insight will always entertain building a connector for you 🙂 I’m very familiar with those guys and their products – highly recommended.

      Out side of that, you’re probably looking at building your own connecter. Fun!

      • Thanks for your reply Nick. I’ve been working with the BA Insight guys also for awhile (by way of Chris Even, who I met with his “eResults” SP-Documentum connector. Agnes Molnar also suggested stoictech, so I will take a look at it.


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