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SharePoint 2013 Query Suggestions Import Text File Format


This is a super-quick post but one I think will help people out.

Query Suggestions are a great feature within SharePoint 2013 search that provide type-ahead suggestions for users submitting a query. For example in the image below, I began typing “li” and the system suggested “Light Grey”.

SharePoint 2013 Query Suggestion

SharePoint 2013 Query Suggestion

Query Suggestions are created automatically based on past successful searches but you can also import phrases for query suggestions manually as described in this article:

What’s funny about this article is that it describes how to upload a text file with Query Suggestions to the search service application, but it doesn’t tell you how to format the text file. I couldn’t find that info anywhere else either.

The answer is that you format it with each phrase on a single line of the text file as shown in the image below.

 import phrases for query suggestions

import phrases for query suggestions

That may seem obvious, but those of us that managed various text files in FAST Search know that format and syntax were very important and finicky. Hope that one saves you a couple of minutes!

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