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Some Straight Talk about the future of InfoPath and Forms

There’s been a lot of buzz about the future of forms in SharePoint and, frankly little clarity. This is such a contentious topic and social media has been swirling with rumors and misinformation. Sonya Koptyev (Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Office 365 Developer Program) bravely participated in an “ask me anything” session hosted by IT Unity. If you weren’t able to join, here are some of the key points that were made.

Sonya did not make any new announcements, but clarity on recent announcements.

Disclaimer: These are my notes that I managed to scribble down during the session – any inaccuracies are my own. All questions and answers are paraphrased by me. There will be an official FAQ list eventually, and I’ll update this post with that link, but I wanted to share my notes from this event in the meantime for those that couldn’t attend.

SK: First some clarity on terminology:

  • InfoPath Client, InfoPath 2013, InfoPath Client 2013 all refer to the desktop client. Used to create and fill out forms
  • InfoPath Forms Services, IPFS is the service inside of SharePoint Server used to render forms in browser (and other behind the scenes stuff)

Q: Will the InfoPath client be updated for 2016? What is experience if we have to use 2013 client with 2016?

SK: Client is not changing at all. Will not be a new client. 2013 is the last one. If you have it now, that’s the latest and greatest. It will not be in 2016 click-to-run. If you don’t have it already, MSFT is figuring out how to get it to customers.

They’ve extended the IPFS roadmap into 2016 release. No changes in experience.

They’re still working on licensing.

Q: Lots of fears with using different versions of office clients simultaneously. How will this existing client work together with newer versions of office?

SK: MSFT will be testing it heavily to make sure it works.

Q: Will new features be included? Support for enterprise keywords? Support for PDFs? Any new features or just as-is?

SK: Only as-is. No changes to client or IPFS other than bug fixes.

Q: What about support?

SK: Client will be supported until 2023. IPFS support will be dicted by SharePoint 2016 support roadmap.

Q: Why was Forms on SharePoint Lists (FOSL) killed?

SK: It was supposed to replace forms. A way to edit new and edit list forms. They tackled this subset of the forms functionality because it was the easiest to get out of the door. However as they did usability studies it was clear that it¬† wasn’t as useful as hoped. In grand scheme of things they prefer to work on next gen of forms (not InfoPath, but whatever vNext will be). They’d rather just have one solid approach to all things forms instead of piece meal.

Q: Is the same team that was working on FOSL working on this or a different one?

SK: There have been changes across the board.

Q: Office 365 vs. on-prem? How does story change?

SK: MSFT will maintain forms services for SPO for at least a year (maybe more) after next on prem release. Functionality should be identical.

Q: Is it still going to allow same functionality? Lists and form libraries? Or restricted to just form libraries in 2016?

SK: Same functionality will still work in 2016.

Q: What’s roadmap for structured document forms? Does that fall into roadmap still? Or new roadmap?

SK: It hasn’t fallen off the roadmap – still something that’s top-of–mind when considering the overall forms story. Hasn’t seen it come up too much.

SK: Infopath was interesting in that it straddles info workers and devs. Form futures may have to split that. No-code, in-browser, mobile friendly vs. a more dev focused version. But not sorted out yet.

SK: Product will probably come in waves. Minimally viable product (MVP) will get out the door first. No longer the 3-year cycles. Interested users should add suggestions to User Voice ( The team is very heavily relying on that to gather requirements and prioritize features.

Q: In design for vNext, will there be an upgrade path?

SK: It depends. If you really have complex forms with code-behind, there’s no migration path (as with other products). For less complex (no-code-behind), they hope to have a migration path. But they don’t have the “target” yet so don’t know what that will look like.

Q: Is MSFT Looking at combining products? Pulling forms into SPD? And will features be added back?

SK: She doesn’t know. Wouldn’t think so.

Q: Will there be a design tool as part of the solution?

SK: Yes, for sure.

Q: Will submit to REST service be available?

SK: Add things like this to user voice. Then people can vote and influence priority.

Q: Access Services – is this part of the story?

SK: They are part of the same team. So trying to rationalize what will happen there.

Q: If doing a green-field project, should we look at other tools?

SK: Need to assess the requirements. If they know there’s going to be custom-code and custom biz processes, look at ASP.NET, AZURE, partner solutions (Nintex, K2, etc.).

Q: For orgs that want to stay codeless – what’s their best bet?

SK: They should look at partner products. K2, Nintex, etc. If it’s something small that needs to be implemented quickly, no reason not to use InfoPath to get it out the door quickly if it’s a no-code form.

Q: Concept of Infopath with XML base. Sticking with that or moving to different model?

SK: Looking at multiple back-ends. Don’t know yet.

Q: Seems like timing has been off with the announcement. When did you know it wasn’t going to happen? Can you be transparent?

SK: At SPC got up on stage and said “we’re killing infopath and client. Won’t have another version. Working on FOSL.”

As they continued to work thru kinks, bugs they did usability testing and throughout sets of feedback that said it wasn’t ready. Pushed out a few times by a month each. Got into fall and larger convos about larger forms strategy began. It was more reasonable to include this in larger set of features. In Jan, she was working on an update – feeling pressure. Trying to get something out the door. Power of social media took over. Someone posted that they were at an event and mistakenly said client 2016 was going to be released. Perfect storm. They said there’s enough swirl in the community – need to put an end to the speculation and rumors. Not helping anything on this contentious topic. That’s what precipitated the latest update and ultimately this talk.

Q: What has MSFT learned thru InfoPath process. It’s a new world where MSFT is more open and transparent. Did it backfire?

SK: If you’ve been following along, opening up layers of transparency. What she hopes we’ve seen are frequent blog posts (2 a day) way more active on social. Updating the roadmap as quickly as possible. What we’ve learned is that if we’re completely committed to level of transparency, need to communicate changes to the plan as soon as they’re confident they’ll stick. Not feasible to provide updates for every engineering change, but when there are significant changes to the plan of record, need to communicate those quickly.

Q: How has handover to Satya impacting your work?

SK: Really inspiring and motivating to see someone who wants us to be front-and-center. Wants us to be relevant to folks again and have our hands in latest/greatest. Seen lots of red-tape and obstacles fall away. Letting folks do what they think is right and innovate. Change has been massive and positive.

Many thanks to Sonya for participating in the session and to IT Unity for hosting it!


Add a link to a list item in a SharePoint Designer Workflow Email

Something that seems like it would be easy and obvious is, in a SharePoint Designer Workflow, adding a link to a list item in an email. Turns out that it’s not immediately obvious . There are a couple of places this info can be found on the internet, but not very easily, so I’m posting this in case it helps others and definitely so that I can find it again ūüėČ

First off, if you’re adding a link to the current workflow item, then the answer is actually easy as long as you know to look for it.¬† From inside the Email builder, click “Add or Change Lookup”, select “Workflow Context” and “Current Item URL”. This link will work assuming that you want to link to the current item.


However if you’re creating a link to a list item other than the current workflow item then there are a number of fields that *look* like they would provide a link to the list item, but actually don’t. I’ve added a bunch of them to the email builder below, and notice, none of them actually return what we need.



The actual URL to my list item is http://myportal/Lists/test/DispForm.aspx?ID=1 so none of these will actually get you there.

In this scenario one method to get your url is to use the Current Site URL field from the Workflow Context data source then type the list name and finally add the list ID at the end. Depending on the logic of your workflow there are many different ways you could determine the correct list ID. For this example, I just have a variable that stores the ID called MyListID.



And that gets me the URL I need in my email


Getting a list of all Promoted Results (best bets) in a SharePoint 2013 site collection

I had a business user ask me the other day if they could see a list of all the best bets in their new 2013 SharePoint portal so that they could validate the terms and links. First off, we know in 2013 that best bets have evolved into Promoted Results. But beyond that, for a business user that does not have access to view the search configuration pages, this was unfortunately not a simple request.

I could give them access to the Query Rule configuration page, and they could scan the query rule table, looking for those items identified as Promoted Results amongst the other types of query rules, however they still can’t see the links to the best bets.


Doing a Bing search will return some scripts that may help you. But many of them only return promoted results from the Search SSA (not from a site collection). I thought I would share what I used in¬† case it helps someone else. Note, I named all my Query Rules that have promoted results with the prefix “PR:” and that’s how I filter, but of course you can change it to add your own criteria, or none at all.

This script will both list the Promoted Results in the PowerShell Window as well as output the values to a file. Hope it can help you!


$SearchServiceName = “Search Service Application”

$sspApp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication $SearchServiceName

$siteUrl = “http://myportal/search

$site = get-spsite $siteUrl -WarningAction SilentlyContinue

$web = $site.rootweb

$fedManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.Query.FederationManager($sspApp)

$SearchOwner = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchObjectOwner([Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchObjectLevel]::SPWeb, $web)

$SearchObjectFilter =  New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchObjectFilter($SearchOwner)

$queryRuleManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query.Rules.QueryRuleManager($sspApp)

$queryRules = $queryRuleManager.GetQueryRules($searchObjectFilter)

$bestbets = $queryRuleManager.GetBestBets($SearchObjectFilter)

$promotedResults = $queryrules | Where-Object{$_.DisplayName -match “PR”}

$promotedResults | ForEach {

Write-Host “Query Rule Title:¬† ” -ForegroundColor “Yellow” ‚ÄďNoNewLine

Write-Host¬†¬† $_.DisplayName -ForegroundColor “White”

Write-Host “Terms: ” -ForegroundColor “Yellow”¬† ‚ÄďNoNewLine

Write-Host $_.QueryConditions.Terms -ForegroundColor “White”

Write-Host “Best Bet Title(s):” -ForegroundColor “Yellow”¬†¬† ‚ÄďNoNewLine

Write-Host -ForegroundColor “White”¬†¬† $_.AssignBestBetsAction.BestBetIds.GetBestBetsFromIds().Title

Write-Host “Best Bet URL(s):”¬† -ForegroundColor “Yellow” ‚ÄďNoNewLine

Write-Host -ForegroundColor “White”¬†¬† $_.AssignBestBetsAction.BestBetIds.GetBestBetsFromIds().URL

Write-Output “Query Rule Title: ”¬†¬† $_.DisplayName

Write-Output “Terms: ”¬† $_.QueryConditions.Terms

Write-Output “Best Bet Info: ” $_.AssignBestBetsAction.BestBetIds.GetBestBetsFromIds()} >>¬† c:\output.txt


Help Microsoft make the Ignite Event all that it promises to be!

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced the upcoming mega-event called Ignite. It’s sort of an amalgamation of the Management Summit, the Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and TechEd conferences all in one place. I for one am excited for this and now we can influence the direction of the event.

Microsoft has posted a call for topics. They want to know what we want to hear and see, how we want to spend our time there, etc. Please take a moment to fill this out – it will hopefully benefit us by giving Microsoft the feedback about what we want and need the event to be. Follow this link to participate:

More on this topic soon!

Q&A with the SharePoint MVP Experts Chat On Oct 29th @1pm EST or 10am PDT

 Hello everyone

The SharePoint MVP Expert Chats are picking up again!  Have questions about SharePoint 2010 or 2013?  Or SharePoint Online? Office 365?  Please join us October 29th at 1pm EST or 10am PDT where you can have your questions answered live!  We will be using the Reddit Ask Me Anything format.  This is new to us but many of Microsoft teams are using this medium now.  Please create a Reddit account beforehand so you can be ready to ask questions.  More information on the chat and room location will be available on Oct 29th in the SharePoint forum.  Hope you can join us!

 Hope you can join us!

MVP Experts Participating:

1.      Andrew Connell

2.      Cathy Dew

3.      Doug Hemminger

4.      Doug Ware

5.      Eric Shupps

6.      Gavin Barron

7.      John Ross

8.      Kris Wagner

9.      Randy Drisgill

10.   Sahil Malik

11.   Sean McNeill

12.   Shane Young

13.   Spencer Harbar

14.   Todd Bleeker

15.   Trevor Seward

16.   Wictor Wilen

SharePoint Fest Denver Wrap-Up

I had the honor of presenting a couple of sessions at SharePoint Fest – Denver 2014 this week. It was a great event with some top-notch presenters, including Microsoft thought leaders, MCMs, MVPs, community leaders and local talent.

Thanks to the organizers  Рhope I can attend next time!

As promised in my two sessions, I’m posting links to the assets (code samples, display templates, etc.) that I covered in my sessions.¬† Both slide decks should appear here shortly, if they’re not already there:

Session SRC 201 – 6 Proven Steps to Get the Best Out of Search in SharePoint 2013
Download assets here:

Session: SRC 105 – Learn about the top 5 advanced search features you never knew you needed
Download assets here:

As a reminder to the attendees of this session, the Content Enrichment Web Service sample I used is based on Cory Roth’s great example which you can find here:¬†¬† (Thanks Cory!!!)


Presenting at Australian SharePoint Conference (Share The Point)

I’m very excited to report that I’ll be presenting at the 5th Annual Australian SharePoint Conference 15-16 July 2014 at the Hilton, Sydney

Not only will this be my first time presenting at this conference, but it will be my first time setting foot on the continent! I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends like John White, Marc Anderson and others as well as making new friends and learning¬† a lot about SharePoint!

I’ll be presenting a session titled “Four Steps to Migrate Content from any On-Premises Source to SharePoint Online” in which I lay out the process and considerations for a migration to SharePoint online¬†– especially when moving there from a non-SharePoint system. It should be a dynamic and fun presentation, and one that I hope is relevant to many attendees.

If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not) I hope I’ll see you there – it’s shaping up to be a great conference. Check out the site here: